Asthma & our Approach

About Asthma

Vitality and health can be yours when you take control of Asthma and it's triggers yourself.
Have you been diagnosed as an Asthmatic recently? Or suffered Asthma's effects yourself or in your family?
Asthma's impact on your life can be devastating as you or your loved ones go from being healthy and active to fearful and housebound.
But, no matter your situation there is hope.

Prof. Buteyko

Professor Konstantin Buteyko developed a program that is so fundamentally powerful that whole nations have approved the program for use.
The science and education behind the method has been documented and tested with powerful personal testimonials and success stories giving evidence to it's wisdom.

82 Ed.

Over 1,000 participants have benefitted from the 82 programs approach of breathing education and health in Europe and globally.
82 educators can be found using the base breathing education principles in the fields of Yoga, Teaching, Medicine and Psychology.

Nick Marshall

Teacher, coach and developer of the 82 Buteyko Asthma coaching program


Directly involved with communities and families, Nick's Asthma teaching and therapeutic approach has brought relief and understanding of Asthma's effects to individuals both in person and online via live video seminars.

1-Day Asthma workshops. Nice, France.
Sat 30 Apr 2016
Sat 28 May 2016
Sat 18 June 2016
Breathing reeducation for Asthmatic children, teens and adults, 60€. Book now


Through his personal approach, Nick's continual support and encouragement as an Asthmatics makes life-changing progress remains an essential key to Nick's personal Asthma coaching programs.

Phone: +33 (0) 6 48 04 57 57
Skype: asthma_education


As an experienced practitioner and teacher of the 82 Buteyko program, Nick is involved in the development of exercises for patient assessment and alternate approaches to reducing stress via breathing education.

Asthma Facts & Figures

Asthma statistics

• 235,000,000 people currently suffer from Asthma globally
• In the US, Asthma mortality is currently around 4,000 deaths per year
• On average 3 people a day die from asthma in the UK

Age groups

• 59,000 children in Wales have Asthma
• 11% of Australians 75 or over have Asthma
• The average length of stay in hospital for asthma is 3.16 days for adults

Common types of asthma

• Child-Onset Asthma
• Adult-Onset Asthma
• Exercise-Induced Asthma
• Occupational Asthma
• Nocturnal Asthma

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